Visit Dubai during The World Cup at Qatar | Plan Your Trip 2022

If you are interested in traveling, visiting new countries and cultures, attending mega and worldwide events, and interested in Football/Soccer for sure … Then this is your opportunity to do all of these activities in one memorable trip!

What Makes FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar Special?

The FIFA World cup 2022 on this round is a very special one because it is held for the first time in an Arab Country (Doha, Qatar) and for the second time in Asia after the FIFA World cup 2002 in South Korea and Japan. Also, this World Cup Version will be the last one to involve 32 National Teams from all over the world, as starting the next round in 2026; it will include 48 National Teams and will be held in The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

But If you’re asking What Dubai has to do with the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, then you need to know the information about both countries:

Can you imagine? It is only a 6 Hours Drive between two countries!

Yes! What you read is real!

You can visit Dubai and attend the World cup events and matches in Doha, Qatar on the same trip, as both countries share naval borders as well.

And what makes it more and more special for this World Cup round is that it’s in Winter!

World Cups were always held in May, June, or July, but, due to Qatar’s intense summer weather, this round will be held between Mid- November, and Mid-December when the weather in all GCC countries is perfect as this is the Tourism season at all Arab-Gulf countries.

The weather will be perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities because the weather will vary between 31 – 20 Celcius degrees in November and between 25 – 16 Celcius degrees in December.

How to Budget your Trip to Dubai

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Your Must-Do Activity in Dubai | Safari Season 2022

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As the weather is getting better now and the heat is over, it is the best time in Dubai to enjoy outdoor activities and have blissful journeys and adventures in wide-open natural areas for chilling, campfires, entertainment shows, and tasty local food.

On top of these outdoor natural activities is The Desert Safaris in Dubai!

Yes, it is a one-of-a-kind unmatched experience that you have to keep on top of your to-do list in the UAE during Fall, and winter times.

All you need to know about Desert Safari in Dubai

Get ready for the ultimate Bedouin experience in the middle of Dubai’s desert, Safari trips are so much fun from the first to the last moment.

You’ll start your day meeting your guide at a pre-settled meeting location, after that the thrill magnet will attract you to your adventure. A 4×4 ride will pick you up to start exploring the dune and adrenaline rushes going up and down the sand dunes, you will have the opportunity for sandboarding, camel riding, 4-Wheels Buggy Safari, Desert Bikes, and much more.

The next stop will be settling for a campfire to have some time to chill and enjoy the breathtaking sunset view that’s suitable for taking the best lifetime photographs, when the sun goes, all the fun comes around!

It’s Dinner Time! You will enjoy the best Bedouin BBQ food made in front of your eyes on fire with the availability of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, along with unlimited refreshing drinks all through the night.

Entertainment starts here, and you will enjoy multiple cultural shows all over the night like Tanura, belly dancing, and fire shows that will make your great night even greater. You can enjoy exploration walks (Don’t go far or you will be lost) and stargazing as the sky is full, try to catch a shooting star!

After the night is over, you’ll get in your 4×4 once again to take you back home with memories to be remembered forever!

Safari Budget and Discounts

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